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Vivox, experts in vivo, is one of the leading CROs in Israel. Our passion and specialty are supporting pharmaceutical-oriented companies in their preclinical research stages.
We provide professional preclinical services designed and performed by our experts to help a range of industries cross their preclinical stages.

We are honored to share our preclinical services and knowledge, both in-vivo and in-vitro, with our clients to advance potential new therapies towards clinical stages and beyond.

Metabolic Diseases

Obesity is a common, severe, and costly disease affecting large percentages of the population and may lead to harsh medical conditions...

Degenerative Diseases

Neuronal dysfunction caused by the accumulation of disease-specific proteins into insoluble aggregates usually results in degenerative diseases. To better understand the pathophysiology of these diseases, we conduct studies in the following:

General Models

Aiming to support pharmaceutical-oriented companies in their preclinical research stages, Vivox's experts conduct a series of tests and experiments to determine specific metrics of drugs performance on the following aspects...

Immunological Models

Animal models have substantially enhanced our understanding of the immune system's role in tissue physiology and pathology. We conduct a variety of experiments aiming to advance potential progress in the following...

Oncological Models

Experimental oncology research and preclinical drug development require specific and clinically relevant in vivo tumor models, which would be implemented and extensively characterized to successfully cope with cancer cells' complexities.

Special Surgical Expertise

Conducting in vivo experiments requires certain areas of expertise, and exceptional surgical abilities are crucial for the study's success. At Vivox, our team of experts specializes in performing unique and complex surgical procedures...
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Personalized Models
Advanced Technology
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Immuno-oncology has become a sub-specialty within oncology due to its potential for substantial and long-term clinical advantage. Using a broad range of agents as antibodies, peptides, small molecules, proteins, cytokines or cell therapies, the immunotherapy can activate the immune system to attack the tumor...

DNA, RNA & Proteins

Isolation of these desirable biomolecules can be conducted from any biological material to be used for subsequent analyses. Here at Vivox we are fully equipped to obtain DNA, RNA, proteins, and perform downstream analysis such as real-time PCR, western blot, and protein preparation for mass spectrometry analysis.

Cytokines & Bio Markers

Cytokines and biomarker assessments provide the development of drugs with well-characterized profiles. The variety of available cytokines and biomarker detection provides an essential evaluation of the dynamic nature of inflammatory responses following treatment, during preclinical studies.

Assay Develpoment

Developing biologically relevant assays to analyze drug mode-of-action pose a challenge for pharmaceutical and biotech companies involved in drug discovery and development. Vivox team is proficient in a wide range of therapeutic areas and will help you identify and advance your study toward promising therapeutic candidates.

Cell Culture

In addition to serving as a cost-effective and reproducible research tool, cell cultures are a valuable technique for investigating scientific questions. Vivox's In- vitro unit has extensive experience culturing multiple cell types to induce lots of in- vivo cancer models, including luciferase and fluorescent models and operate many cell-based assays.

Ex Vivo Studies

In Ex Vivo studies, organs, cells, or tissue are extracted from a living body for a specific procedure and returned to it in controlled conditions and minimum alterations. This procedure enables carrying out relatively easy and quick tests that were impossible to conduct in living subjects due to ethical issues.
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